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About Us

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aboutus01Welcome to Beadelicious, we are a Borders owned, home grown crafting shop where we you will find a range of beautiful and blinging beads!!

Situated on the picturesque cobbled street just off the famous market square in Kelso, you will find us hidden behind a small Georgian glass fronted shop. We may look like a sweetie shop with all those colourful bits and bobs, but I can assure you it is glorious beads, beads, beads.

We will be concentrating on bringing you a range of beautiful and funky beads. All the beads are top quality and unusual. We will also be stocking some more unusual beads that are currently on trend for those funky “off the moment” pieces. The Greek ceramic beads are all top quality, unusual copper, gold, bronze and fine silver coated.


"The thing is...beads don't have a use by date, so they never go off. You will never grow too fat/thin to fit them. They come in all the right sizes. They are quiet apart from a soft singing, occasional  "stroke me" (but only you will hear that!). They light up our lives, are  always positive, and they don’t take up too much I see it as an investment - I mean, what else do you buy that you can say that about?" From Cathy on UK Beaders Forum...


We are fortunate enough to have several suppliers who are making lampwork pieces uniquely for us, these are hand made, bespoke pieces that will never be replicated. Due to the nature of these products, may we suggest that only experienced jewellery makers use these, or alternatively come to one of our jewellery courses and learn the best skills and techniques involved in using these beads effectively.


aboutus02In line with our desire to provide a good quality service, please do talk to us if we are not stocking what you would like and we will try and source it for you.


We will also be stocking a range of seasonal children’s and adults craft packs, perfect for those new to crafting or those existing crafters who are looking for some inspiration.  


The shop allows us to offer a crafting table, perfect for “stop and craft” times.


“Craft calms kids down, it provides opportunity for you to talk with them one to one and share the pleasure of actually making something. Craft challenges the way kids approach problem solving, it doesn’t frustrate them it just makes them look at things in many different ways. My daughter says that the best thing about crafts is that there is no right or wrong way, whatever she makes is her creation.” From Samantha, Cheetah Crafts.



So, if the kids need some craft time then pop in a find out what craft options are available that day and they can produce their very own tricket box , friendship bracelet, spiderman mask or painted mug.. the list is endless.

We have sourced a small range of high quality, competitively priced crafting, doddling and sticker books, these are great for gifts or to start a child on a new hobby. Parent or Grandparents in particular may wish to buy some of the more specialist books and assist the children in their learning of a new craft which should take them into the future.


Julia Roberts (Hollywood actress), knits on set in her movies to relieve the boredom !!!


Beadelicious is delighted to be able to supply two of the most prestigious brands in the toy craft market.


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